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NLBC offers many business services throughout East Central Indiana and beyond. NLBC believes in catering to your business needs and delivering exactly what you need. We will design a customized package of services for your business and provide you with a network that will grow with you as you grow your business.

NLBC’s Dedicated Internet Access guarantees that a customer’s bandwidth is reserved for the needs of their enterprise, providing consistent output with a secure fiber internet link. On the other hand, internet access from a national cable provider is their best-effort operation, an arrangement where bandwidth is over-subscribed which does not allow for consistent speeds when an abundant amount of subscribers are using the same bandwidth as other subscribers.

NLBC’s Dedicated Internet Access provides you with the reliable and consistent service you need to operate your business effectively due to you having a dedicated connection.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for Business

For today’s companies, a fast and stable internet connection is crucial. Moments lost on a sluggish service interruption is time that can not be afforded by the company. Your network connection is not only fast and efficient with NLBC’s Dedicated Internet Access; it’s also symmetrical, scalable and stable.

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Let us show you why NLBC should be your Business Fiber Network, with best-in-class fiber network solutions and unrivaled customer support. By providing all of the hardware and setup you need to get your fiber optic service up and running quickly and smoothly, NLBC makes it simple for you.

Schedule a time with a member of our sales team and we can discuss how NLBC can provide you with our Dedicated Internet Access.

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