High-speed Internet, MyBundle TV, Telephone, & Business Class Services
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Navigate, Lead, Build, Connect

Everything we do at NLBC is geared towards keeping you connected to your family, friends, business — and the world. We take great pride in simplifying the process of providing internet, phone and streaming TV services. NLBC will guide you through the process and build the perfect plan that will keep you connected, and enrich your life.

Service Area

NLBC is available throughout East Central Indiana including Henry, Randolph and Wayne Counties.
To see if service is available at your home or business please click “Contact Us Now”.

Check For Service

“NLBC is really stepping up their efforts and services in rural areas. Although others have struggled to bring us service, NLBC is trying to provide us much faster and reliable service — and they have done just that.”

Jon Williams | Rural Wayne County
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“We needed a way to monitor my elderly mom since she lives at home alone. With Alexa, controlled lights and cameras, all powered by NLBC’s fast reliable internet, we’re able to rest easy knowing she is safe.”

Barbara Irvin | Economy
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“When we talked to NLBC, we realized that not only do they offer Fiber Optic, but they were willing to make us a priority even though it wasn’t in our area yet. Reliability and speed are crucial to our small business.”

Brenda McLane | Cambridge City
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