Internet Options

Regardless of where you live and what your needs are, NLBC has a solution that will solve your problems. From high-speed, reliable fiber connections, to convenient, reliable wireless options for rural areas — we have you covered. Please explore our options below to find out how you can have your life, connected.

Fiber | Wireless

up to 100 x 100 Mbps
up to 500 x 500 Mbps
up to 1000 x 1000 Mbps (1 Gig x 1 Gig)
Up to 5 x 3 mbps
Up to 10 x 5 mbps
Up to 25 x 10 mbps
Higher speeds available in some areas

Service Area

NLBC is available throughout East Central Indiana including Henry, Randolph and Wayne Counties.
To see if service is available at your home or business please click “Contact Us Now”.

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Landline Telephone Service

New Lisbon Telephone Company and New Lisbon Broadband and Communications offer landline telephone service for both residential and commercial business. Landline telephone service is currently available in portions of Henry, Randolph and Wayne County.

Residential price for telephone is $18.81 per line with business lines priced at $30.39 per line. There are also multiple long distance options available to save you money. Prices can range from 4 cents per minute up to our other unlimited plans that are based upon residential or business class services.

There are also various discounts available depending upon your location. Please ask a customer service representative about the various discounts we offer with NLTC and NLBC.

NLTC and NLBC also participate in the Lifeline program. Lifeline is a federal program that offers a monthly benefit towards telephone or internet services for eligible subscribers. For further information on the Lifeline program and how to apply, please visit the Lifeline program website:

You can also transfer your current landline telephone number to NLBC and possibly save even more money with various discounts.


MyBundle TV is now here!

Streaming TV options are available with NLBC.

NLBC has teamed up with MyBundle TV to bring you many options on how to stream your favorite shows and networks. Click the button below and get more information on how you can use NLBC internet to stream TV in your home or business.


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NLBC makes it easy for you to switch to our service. Simply click on the Contact button below and enter your information. We will take care of the rest. As always, we’re just a phone call away should you have questions or need help.

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